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Custom Outdoor Patio

This custom outdoor patio was a carefully planned and executed roofed patio. Upon our arrival we took note that part of the roof had collapsed and that the patio was not safe as it stood. The most difficult task to this endeavor was paying attention to the finest details to accommodate the customer’s needs and wants while keeping their safety on the patio our first concern.

Our initial task began with constructing a roof that would be able to withstand the weight of snow and other precipitation. As captured in the “before” pictures the existing roof was unable to withstand such weight nor was it up to code regulations.

The customer expressed to us that they wanted an area outdoors with some of the luxuries of being indoors. We used outdoor carpeting and tile to give the feel of being inside and yet still making it practical for the weather outside. We used custom wrought iron columns for an attractive presentation. To ensure ample and appealing lighting, two skylights were installed. In addition to the skylights, recessed lighting was placed throughout to complete the lighting detail. For the customers enjoyment outdoor speakers were installed for their entertainment. In addition, a fence was installed for the customer’s privacy.

Brian Valish
Allentown, PA (Lehigh County)