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Galley Kitchen

A wonderful husband and wife duo came to us to renovate and update their kitchen, but how were they going to do this on a limited budget. We went out to their home to see what they wanted to accomplish, as you can see they have a kitchen island which would need to match the cabinetry by the stove and refrigerator. We recommended that they purchase the cabinetry and to save money we adisied that we can match the paint, and paint the island cabinets. They thought that was a wonderful idea.

Our services included removing the existing Oak cabinets from against the wall and install new Waypoint (Painted Maple with a Hazelnut Glaze) Cabinetry. As you can see to the right of the refrigerator the client wanted to balance out the cabinetry and wanted a little more space. So we advised them to add pantry cabinets which would accomplish this goal. We were able to successfully matched the paint for the existing island and match the knobs to the new cabinetry too.

Our clients were pleasantly surprised by the outcome and love their new kitchen in their rustic home.

Brian Valish, Scott Carmen,
Jim Thorpe, PA (Carbon County )