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Custom Garage

In the springtime, just as the weather was breaking we were contacted to construct this enticing  new detached garage.

We quickly realized one of the most difficult issues we faced was finding the ideal location for the garage.The location the customer initially wanted the garage was problematic because there was not going to be ample room for it. We worked with the customer in finding a location on the property that was going to both, work for them, and be accessible for us to build the garage. After we found the location the clearing of the land began.

The customer informed us that it was essential that the garage match their existing home.  As captured on the photo of the garage, the elegant stonework was made to match identically to their home. The stonework material that was used was cut stone in champagne color. This stone was very difficult to find so that it perfectly matched the existing home. In addition, another detail that needs close attention  is the circular window in the front of the garage. This was strategically placed there to compliment the home that also had a circular window.

As the garage was coming to completion, we recommended to the customer that a paved driveway would be an excellent accent to the new garage. To ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction on the project we paved the driveway to complete this exciting endeavor we took on with them.

Brian Valish
Lehighton, PA (Carbon County)

Homeowner Testimonial

"We just wanted to write and express our thanks for working with us to design and build the beautiful garage that adds so much to our home. From the start you have been professional, polite, and easy to work with. The design process alone was challenging, as we struggled for a place to build it within the guidelines of the zoning laws. Your final suggestion is ideal, and we are so happy we weren’t able to go with our original idea. Not only did we have to change where it was built, but we also threw some curves at you during the construction- making several design changes as the construction progressed. You adapted and included our ideas willingly and without complaint. Your crews were... [ Read More ]