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Two story Garage

In the springtime, just as the weather was breaking, we were contacted to construct this enticing new detached garage. The homeowners had faced an issue with an un trustworthy contractor that had taken advantage of them in regards to a contract falling out which left the homeowners at loss of money. They were referred to us by a previous client that we had worked with in previous years.

The customer informed us that it was essential that there was room for potential living space above the garage and the design must match their existing home. As captured on the photo of the garage, the elegant stonework and the Summer Coastal 6.5 bead siding was made to replicate their home. The stonework material that was used was Buckeye Rubble Fieldstone. This stone was very difficult to find, yet necessary to accomplish the customer’s wishes of incorporating the design of their existing home. In addition, the pent roof in the front of the garage was another key detail that needed close attention.

As the garage was reaching completion, we recommended to the customer that a paved driveway would be an excellent accent to the new garage. To ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction on the project, we paved the driveway to satisfy the customer’s wants while this exciting endeavor we took on with them came to a close.

Brian Valish, Jason Andrews,
Lehighton, PA (Carbon County)

Homeowner Testimonial

After a prior builder creating a mess for us to clean up, Habitat Building Group was willing to take over the job and did so with ease. Having had many issues that needed to be rectified, Brian was very willing to work with us to ensure the job was done in a manner that fit our needs and wants. Any problems that were brought to Brian or his guys’ attention were quickly rectified. Brian did well staying on top of the job, assisting with questions, as well as offering recommendations to what would work and look best on our structure. Simply put, him and his guys did a great job! We would not hesitate to have Habitat Building Group back to do more for us in the future. They were professional,... [ Read More ]