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Front Porch Remodel

A homeowner reached out to us and asked if we could remodel their front porch. After showing up it was noticeably outdated. We immediately began working together to come up with different ideas for the curb appeal they were going for. After having to remove the entire front porch, reconstructing it then adding the finishing touches, the homeowners we ecstatic with the outcome.

Brian Valish
Lehighton, PA (Carbon County)

Homeowner Testimonial

“ As we worked with our neighbors to get a local business to help us figure out a plan to rebuild our front porches, since we live in a half–double, most builders/roofers we had to come in and look at the porch did not want to discuss project with us. We each had different ideas on what materials we wanted used and we wanted to make our porch to our personal specifications opposed to our neighbors. We also found that cost of this project was very reasonable. Brian at Habitat Building Group was called and he came in and evaluated our porches, spoke to each of us personally and discussed our options. Within a few days a plan was in place, the materials were ordered and the project started... [ Read More ]