Remodeling & Renovations

Take the outdated interior of your home and renew it into the highest level of a cozy gathering place. First and foremost, it's critical to develop a game plan. A strategic process includes identifying factors, such as Remodel or Renovation. Home improvement projects fall into two categories, remodeling and renovations.

Remodeling denotes altering an element of the structure or the entire structure. Whereas renovation denotes renewing an element of the structure or the entire structure. A good example would be you float your existing plaster walls with a skimming compound, repaint the walls and replace the baseboard, it would be a renovation project.

If you tear out the plaster and lath and replace it with gypsum board, now you're remodeling. Remodeling your home can be simple yet a big project. While tearing out walls and installing beams and new walls elsewhere, it can be the key to your new improved home.

Along with a bathroom and kitchen remodel, we do everything from the demolition, framing, plumbing, electrical, drywall to the finishing touches like trim work, tiled floors, and custom fixtures throughout.

The key to the success of any project can be found in the planning stages. Failing to plan, generally leads to a planned failure. At best, it leads to a project full of more surprises and headaches than are necessary. Here at Habitat Building Group we know what developing a winning game plan is all about.

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