"The Habitat Team Members Are Craftsmen"

We hired Habitat Building Group to renovate a portion of our building to be our new residence. This was a demo to the brick walls rebuild and we cannot be happier to have such a beautiful new home! The Habitat team members are craftsmen and the comments from guests prove we made the right choice. They handled changes and corrections with no issues. The before and after photos are unbelievable!

From Patrick Gremling in Jim Thorpe, PA

"They Were Professional, Punctual, and Truly Did a Great Job"

After a prior builder creating a mess for us to clean up, Habitat Building Group was willing to take over the job and did so with ease. Having had many issues that needed to be rectified, Brian was very willing to work with us to ensure the job was done in a manner that fit our needs and wants. Any problems that were brought to Brian or his guys’ attention were quickly rectified. Brian did well staying on top of the job, assisting with questions, as well as offering recommendations to what would work and look best on our structure. Simply put, him and his guys did a great job! We would not hesitate to have Habitat Building Group back to do more for us in the future. They were professional, punctual, and truly did a great job; we couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you Habitat for turning what was a complete and utter mess into a beautiful garage!

From Bry S. in Lehighton, PA

"Reasonable, Reliable, and Professional Contractor"

Habitat Building Group replaced the roof on my home this past fall. I am completely satisfied, as the price was fair and the work was very professional. Once the project got started the crew came every day until the job was completed. Further, the owner cares and is very concerned about the satisfaction of his customers. I highly recommend Habitat Building Group to anyone who is looking for a reasonable, reliable, and professional contractor.

From Angela M. in Palmerton, PA

Takes Pride in What They Do

Habitat Building Group was very professional in the work they did. I had my bathroom remodeled over the winter, and the work I had Habitat Building Group do was very well done. They care about the work they do and finish in a timely manner. They give you feedback on the progress and show you how things are going. You can definitely tell that Habitat Building Group takes pride in what they do. I would recommend them to others.

From Mark L. in Allentown, PA

"Thank You Habitat!"

“ As we worked with our neighbors to get a local business to help us figure out a plan to rebuild our front porches, since we live in a half–double, most builders/roofers we had to come in and look at the porch did not want to discuss project with us. We each had different ideas on what materials we wanted used and we wanted to make our porch to our personal specifications opposed to our neighbors. We also found that cost of this project was very reasonable. Brian at Habitat Building Group was called and he came in and evaluated our porches, spoke to each of us personally and discussed our options. Within a few days a plan was in place, the materials were ordered and the project started within two weeks. During the phases of the porch Brian texted/called to let us know what the status of the project and what the next step was and asked us our thoughts and if we had any concerns. There were a few minor changes we wanted to make during the project and Brian and his group were able to accommodate us, which was very pleasing since they were on a schedule and had other projects started. Brian and his group were very professional at all levels. They kept the view of our house looking clean, no garbage, nails or unused materials left behind during or after the project. We absolutely and highly recommend Habitat Building Group and we would consider them in the future for any project big or small. We enjoy supporting our local businesses and this is one that we will mention to anyone searching for home improvement! Thank you Habitat Building Group for your great work!

From Joel and Ann Keiser in Lehighton, PA

"The Professionalism Displayed by Your Firm Was, in My Opinion, Beyond Reproach."

“Please allow this letter to express my sincere thanks to you and your staff for the work your firm did for FluffyD’s in Lehighton, PA. The professionalism displayed by your firm was, in my opinion, beyond reproach. Not only did your firm show me that my needs for this project came first while doing the work, they showed consideration for my family whenever they had to enter other areas of our home to complete what they were doing. These are attributes of a firm that is dedicated to customer satisfaction! Your electrician was able to fix problems that had me deeply concerned but, I was pleasantly and unexpectedly surprised to find that he did away with the problem. The carpenters never had to stop their work to “find out what to do.” But the most impressive think about your staff was the way they cleaned up—both before leaving each night and when the job was completed. I never had to lift a finger to clean up after them. I would highly recommend Habitat Building Group to anyone who is looking for an outstanding contracting firm that puts professionalism and customer service at the top of their list of job skills. Thank you again for a job done “beyond the call of duty” from myself, my family and FluffyD’s. I will be turning to your firm again in the near future knowing that my projects are in good hands. Please feel free to refer potential clients to me for a reference is needed; it will be my pleasure.

From Denise M Searfoss in Lehighton, PA

"Amazing Company"

AMAZING COMPANY I have had people do work on my house before. I can honestly say they could not compare to the workmanship that this company offers. Beautiful work. So much attention to detail. Finally a company that really takes pride in their work. I am looking forward to having them redo my bathroom. THANK YOU BRIAN for bringing back my faith in a company. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HABITAT BUILDING GROUP. Pat W., PA

From Pat W. in Palmerton, PA

"Type a Personalities"

"We just wanted to write and express our thanks for working with us to design and build the beautiful garage that adds so much to our home. From the start you have been professional, polite, and easy to work with. The design process alone was challenging, as we struggled for a place to build it within the guidelines of the zoning laws. Your final suggestion is ideal, and we are so happy we weren’t able to go with our original idea. Not only did we have to change where it was built, but we also threw some curves at you during the construction- making several design changes as the construction progressed. You adapted and included our ideas willingly and without complaint. Your crews were respectful of our property and kept an immaculate worksite. We have had several other construction projects at our home, but your crews were the best we’ve experienced at cleaning up after themselves. Your updates to use throughout the majority of the project were timely and greatly appreciated. As “Type A” personalities, we both appreciated being kept up to date on the progress of the project. While we’re not looking to make any major changes in the immediate future, rest assured that we will keep you and Habitat Building Group at the top of our list of contractors to use when we are ready. Thanks again for making this such a positive experience.

From Russ Fernsler in Lehighton, PA