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Front Porch- Historical

As a start to the new year, our company was contacted to renovate an existing front porch. The customer wanted the porch to keep with historical integrity to the original look, yet safe and up-to-code. Upon our arrival, we discovered that the only thing salvageable from the original porch were the corbels.

In keeping with the original look, the existing railing was re-constructed to better fit the new porch and to accommodate the code requirements. Each board was individually hand created and strategically cut from a pattern we made up to best match the existing porch railing. We did this by using Jigsaw and Hole Saw Kit.

In addition, the new look featured, custom cut arches, custom 45 degree angle cut 6 x 6 columns, painted tongue and groove beaded ceiling, stained tongue and groove pine porch flooring, and half round white high-gloss aluminum gutter to match the rest of the home.  This gave the customer’s home a fresh, clean appearance while maintaining the home’s historical integrity.

Brian Valish
Saucon Valley, PA (Lehigh County)